Affiliated to CBSE, Sabri Public School follows its prescribed curriculum for all classes. The school takes a keen interest in developing a strong base in academics for its students. Sabri Public School has thus collaborated with Lead School, Mumbai. Lead School, Mumbai has developed the curriculum so as to bring a marked improvement in the academics of the students. It promises 150% growth in English and 70% mastery in Maths, Science, Social Studies and at a pre-primary level too. Using various scientific and modern techniques, Lead School, Mumbai helps teach the students in the most productive manner. The school has developed its own curriculum in Islamic Studies so as to enrich the Islamic knowledge bank of the child too.

Teachers at SPS are not only committed to effective classroom teaching but they go beyond and become guides and mentors to students. It is our endeavour to foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong learning process. We wish to develop in each sector like mastery of skills of communication, the ability to think clearly, logically and independently and understand and appreciate our rich, ideas and practices. We believe in providing the platform which challenges young minds and instils in them a passion and optimism to strive towards attaining the unknown yet fulfilling journey called life.