“Sabri Public School” established in 2003, has grown in numbers over the year and is proud to offer education at primary and secondary levels. It provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of Islamic, academic, vocational and training pathways and nurtures its students via a comprehensive curriculum.
The philosophy for the students at SPS require that the school provides a rich useful, stimulating educational and Islamic experience as one that provides for the development of their skills and aptitudes while preparing them to have “Success Here” in whatever their choice may be according to their ability, and Success Hereafter”.

The pedagogy of 21st century has changed completely. To enhance the skills of the students, techniques like project-based learning, co-operative learning, gamification, problem-based learning, design thinking learning, competency-based learning have been used as against the traditional pedagogy where rote learning was paid emphasis. In the Age of Information, it helps enhance their critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy to name a few. Keeping all these things as priority, Sabri Public School has opted for advanced teaching techniques for overall development of its students.

Sabri Public School envisions to create leaders of tomorrow. The school aspires to scale new heights by generating a class of humans who can lead the world successfully practicing their religion with utmost ease simultaneously. The world calls for humble and human- caring and God fearing humans which Sabri Public School pledges to generate and world a better place to live.

Our mission is to educate all students to highest levels of academic achievement, grant them Islamic knowledge, provide them a platform to showcase their talent so that they become highly productive, responsible, enthusiastic and creative members of the society.