Sabri Public School is extremely passionate to provide quality education to its students so that they sit in catbird seat in their future. To fulfil its vision and accomplish its mission, Sabri Public School has collaborated with Lead School,Mumbai.

About LEAD School

LEAD School is an academic excellence system that delivers excellent curriculum via a simple technology-based delivery model. We are more than just a book or a smart class! We are an academic solution provider.
We began this revolution after a thorough research in some of the best education systems of the world and successfully implemented this academic system in our own schools almost 7 years before. With a presence now in more than 11 states across India, we have taken this revolution to around 500+ partner schools and thousands of happy students.

Why LEAD School?

LEAD school curriculum is an outcome of years of research on the successful international education systems of Singapore and Finland. LEAD school provides excellent learning through an integrated academic system that integrates school management, curriculum, teaching, assessment, remedial and parents in a way that every child learns excellently.